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0000030LEOWorks4_publicFunctionality issuespublic2018-12-19 17:362018-12-19 17:38
0000030: In shapefile subset there is no "I don't know" as option for Projection coordinates.
I found a kind of a bug in the latest release 4.2.1 which was not present in 4.0.2398. It concerns the reading of the shape files included in the Atlas. Those shape files miss the FIX and the PRJ and to read them this is checked and the Projection needs to be added or alternatively the "I don't know" has to be clicked. In this way the missing files are added with respect to the available image tif. And the problem was solved.
The repair-module seems not included or inactive in the presently available 4.2.1. and there is the error-message when displaying:
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Product without geo-coding.
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2018-12-19 17:38   
The feature was fixed and the option "I don't know" was added.