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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00000331   Functionality issuesminorresolved (LW4_support)2020-02-01Supervised classification - slow drawing of polygons
  00000321   Functionality issuesmajorresolved (LW4_support)2020-02-01GIS - New saved layer not displyed in the GIS manager window.
  00000311   Functionality issuesmajorresolved (LW4_support)2020-02-01GIS - Error when creating a new layer on certain data products.
  00000301   Functionality issuesfeatureresolved (LW4_support)2018-12-19In shapefile subset there is no "I don't know" as option for Projection coordinates.
  00000151   Functionality issuesmajorconfirmed (LW4_support)2018-12-19GIS - shape not display over SAR images
  00000091   Functionality issuesmajorconfirmed (LW4_support)2018-12-19Subset from shapefile doesn’t work for SAR image
  00000101   New Community Requestsfeatureacknowledged (LW4_support)2018-12-19Add the possibility to draw an irregular polygon in "Subset from view" window.
  00000191   New Community Requestsfeatureresolved (LW4_support)2018-12-19Multisensor data fusion (between coregistered images from different sensors)
  00000231   Functionality issuesminorresolved (LW4_support)2018-12-19Optimization of graphical scale size in map composer
  00000211   New Community Requestsfeatureresolved (LW4_support)2018-12-19GIS - Create a set of symbols to be selected for point layers
  00000221   New Community Requestsfeatureresolved (LW4_support)2018-12-19GIS - Create graduated and\or proportional symbols for point, line and polygon layers
  00000251   New Community Requestsfeatureresolved (LW4_support)2018-12-19Zoom functionality in map composer (including scale zooming)
  00000261   New Community Requestsfeatureresolved (LW4_support)2018-12-19Display of geo coordinates changeable depending on the window size (map composer)
  0000024    Functionality issuesminorresolved (LW4_support)2017-12-21Text rotation in map composer
  0000017    New Community Requestsfeatureresolved (LW4_support)2017-09-22Create Leoworks project file able to save image files and GIS-layers
  0000018    New Community Requestsfeatureresolved (LW4_support)2017-09-22Default file format in “Save Image As”to be (geo)tiff
  00000271   New Community Requestsfeatureresolved (LW4_support)2017-09-13Display the 3D histogram of an image.
  0000020    New Community Requestsfeatureresolved (LW4_support)2017-09-13Orthorectification based on a user-provided or SRTM DEM
  00000291   New Community Requestsfeatureresolved (LW4_support)2017-09-13LEOWorks 4 sould be able to read Sentinel data
  00000281   New Community Requestsfeatureresolved (LW4_support)2017-09-13Geometric correction of radar images
  00000131   New Community Requestsminorresolved (LW4_support)2016-11-18We need to add new tool for exporting legend for NDVI
  00000141   Functionality issuesminorresolved (LW4_support)2016-10-28Performing Band Arithmetic operations on Pansharpening results displays corrupted images.
  00000121   Generalminorresolved (LW4_support)2016-10-27Info message from the radar module about data type should be moved in contextual window.
  00000081   Functionality issuesmajorresolved (LW4_support)2016-10-13Subset from shapefile on Landsat 8 images has a white preview.
  00000161   New Community Requestsminorresolved (LW4_support)2016-10-11“Check for new version on LEOWorks start” shall be default unchecked.
  00000111   Bugsminorresolved (LW4_support)2016-10-11In 'Subset from view" when editing (with paste and input) DEG the new numbers would not be accepted.
  00000071   Bugscrashresolved (LW4_support)2016-10-11Error on Subset by polygon, when LW4 close itself.
  00000061   Functionality issuesminorresolved (LW4_support)2016-10-11Add a message with “Processing” in "Subset from shapefile" window.
  00000021   New Community Requestsfeatureresolved (LW4_support)2016-10-11Subset an image using polygons
  00000011   Installationfeatureresolved (LW4_support)2016-08-11Create separate installers for 32/64-Bit OS
  00000041   Functionality issuesminorresolved (LW4_support)2016-08-02Default interactive enhancement for 16-Bit data.
  00000031   Bugsmajorresolved (LW4_support)2016-08-02There is a problem with reading larger GIS shp files. They are displayed distorted in the preview window.


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